The Hardy Angler's Bible

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Authored by Andrew Herd, The Angler's Bible is a giant step backwards into a time when people thought very differently about fishing tackle.

"The genesis of this book is a long story, but it started with a photo shoot one New Year's eve that made me think about Hardy's in a totally different light. There have been books about their retail catalogue - known as the Anglers' Guide - before, but they have tended to reproduce pages without any explanation of how they got there.

"During the shoot, I suddenly realised that I was photographing products that had their roots in designs over a century old; made by a company that hadn't abandoned its traditions, despite working with twenty-first century materials and which was continuing to design and build some of the most exciting fishing products available today. Such a contrast had to be explained somewhere, but it took me a while to realise that the answer lay much closer than I thought; I found it on the shelves next to my desk, in the pages of the Guide itself. All the people mentioned in the story that follows are ghosts now, but may their spirit live on forever - they created a fine company."

Andrew Herd - Author

The Angler's Guide is available direct from the Medlar Press now. 336 pages with black and white photographs and illustrations throughout and 16 pages of colour plates.