Fin & Fly, April May 2015 | Hardy®

  • Early Season Dry Fly by Howard Croston The start of the new Trout season on our Northern rivers brings a welcome change from the heavy nymph fishing styles used to pursue Grayling in the frigid waters of deep winter and as the focus switches to targeting wild Brown Trout on the surface it's time to break the dry fly gear out once again. Read More
  • Fly Of The Issue Is a pattern I've used in the spring (Feb - May) in the UK as well as June and early July in Norway when the water is cold and may also have a little colour (peaty). I first tied this pattern in the mid 1980's since which time it has accounted for a great many fish for both myself and my rods. Read More
  • Spring Salmon Fishing by Ian Gordon I'm regularly asked when the best time for Salmon fishing in Scotland is. The answer being all too often the proverbial how long is a piece of string? Read More