Fin & Fly, Autumn 2014 | Hardy®

  • Fly Fishing Small Rivers and Streams With Duo by Lisa Isles Every single river in the world is different in its own right whether it's the size depth speed of flow features such as boulders or overgrown trees - finding fish can be challenging. Read More
  • Meet The Greys Brand Manager Altogether I have been fishing 25 years. I first started fly fishing with my dad on the River Aln in Northumberland when I was nine years old. I loved spending time with my dad be it on the river or outside in the general outdoors. Read More
  • Fly Of The Issue Sometimes in life things just don't run smoothly - we all suffer ups and downs of fortune both good and bad in our day-to-day lives. Read More
  • Oh Daddy Boy by Tom Sullivan September time on the Irish loughs brings with it a sense of urgency. Why? Because around the corner comes the month end then that will be it for the year. With only a couple of exceptions most of our wild Brown Trout loughs close on the 30th of the month. Read More
  • Autumn Tactics on a Medium Salmon River by Ian Gordon As the heady days of summer draw to a close and the first air frosts descend on the water of the river so the behaviour of Salmon in those beautiful pools begin to change. Read More