Fin & Fly, January 2014 | Hardy®

  • Fishing With A Legend by Andrew Herd I was in the Hardy & Greys Compleat Angler at Alnwick the other day sizing up one of the new Ultralites when one of the salesmen picked up a big Perfect held it over the counter spun the handle against the drag and told me "You ought to get one of these - the moment you have a fish on everyone will know what reel you're using." Read More
  • Got To Get Out More by John Bailey I guess the signs that I'm not quite as young as I used to be have long been evident. You've only got to look at my passport. Read More
  • 2013 Highlights by Stuart Minnikin I had packed my Greys XF2 Competitor Special* and a few black woolly buggers just in case we got rain and a high river during our trip. Read More
  • The Joys Of Fly Tying by Chris Ogborne Whilst fly tying has always been in my life I have to confess that I did let things lapse a few years ago. With all the pressures of running a business I felt that it was just a bit too much to waste over ten minutes of my life tying a fly that could end up in the branches of a tree or a frond of kelp on the first cast and be lost forever. Read More