Fin & Fly, July 2015 | Hardy®

  • Small Stillwater Tactics It's the peak of the season on small stillwater fisheries with clouds of damsel flies, great buzzer hatches and stacks of pin fry. I love it now as the water is invariably dead clear and not yet too warm so the long daylight hours are perfect to find feeding fish. Read More
  • Stevie Munn's Top Tips for Night Fishing Night fishing will often yield some wonderful sport for the game angler. Trout often feed well at night and Sea Trout and the magnificent Dollaghan Trout from Northern Ireland are normally best fished for in the evening and into darkness in their migratory home rivers as they return to spawn. Read More
  • Blue Flash Damsel by Peter Cockwill The Blue Flash Damsel seems to be the most commonly used fly nowadays and is a great choice. Read More