Early Season River Rules

  • Make the most of the best time of day. Typically early season hatches are centred around the warmest part of the day, lunchtime. Don’t waste it by eating lunch!
  • Find the hatch, find the fish. My northern freestone rivers are driven by fly hatch’s and finding these are key to finding large early season fish feeding at the surface.
  • Don’t fish too light. The fish have been well rested over the winter and often are not that tippet shy in the early weeks of the season. There’s often a chance of the largest fish of the year on the rivers I fish so an extra margin of error on tippet strength is a good idea.
  • Fish nymphs or wets before or after the main hatch activity to increase your fishing hours and pick up the odd extra fish.
  • Hope for the best, dress for the worst. Early season can be like summer one day, winter the next.
  • Check and clean your gear including any line –leader connections. Don’t lose the fish of the season to bad planning.
  • Finally, remember if you’re lucky enough to catch a large wild Trout in the early weeks of the season release him to become next year’s trophy or produce sport for another angler.