Fin & Fly, September 2015 | Hardy®

  • The Grayling Season by Stuart Minnikin With just a couple of weeks remaining of the Trout season thoughts are now turning to Grayling and extending my fly fishing into the winter months, possibly, given decent conditions, right through to next year's Trout season. Read More
  • Autumn Fishing by Ian Gordon Autumn is a time where here in Scotland we can experience every season in one day. Prolonged rain and high water can leave riverbanks unstable and in some cases undermined. Take care whilst walking in the river's edge, particularly near deep, fast flowing pools. Read More
  • Fly of the Month Top of the list at this time on the rainfed rivers is the Pale Watery Dun, a diminutive upwing that usually gets the trout and grayling rising confidently. Read More