Autumn Fishing by Ian Gordon

So, checklist - tackle - rods, lines, waders, wading belt, waterproof wading jacket, spare rods, flies [Including Rockhopper, Intruder as well as small lightly dressed ones], Berkley Trilene mono 12 and 14lb, line clippers, tape measure, lifejacket, net and wading stick.

Clothing & extras - a hat with a peak, sunglasses, long and short sleeve shirt, underwear, fishing trousers, warm socks, sunscreen, camera with charger, spare battery and memory cards, ibuprofen, insect repellent, mobile phone, torch, waterproof bag for wet cloths and wading boots, books, magazines, notebook and pen, adaptor for electronic equipment.


Autumn is a time where here in Scotland we can experience every season in one day. Prolonged rain and high water can leave riverbanks unstable and in some cases undermined. Take care whilst walking in the river's edge, particularly near deep, fast flowing pools.

A recent accident involving a boat and people falling into the water on the River Spey reinforces the fact that wearing a life jacket saves lives. Of the two people involved, one was, the other not. No prizes for guessing who survived and who didn't.


Single hooks are best if the river has lots of leaves. Avoid trebles as those attract every leave in the river. Remember, casting heavy flies is difficult, especially on traditional Spey or double taper lines. Shorter headed lines make fishing those much easier.

Fishing sinking lines?

Learning to cast will significantly increase your chances of catching fish in the Autumn. Take time and learn to do this. Once learned it makes fishing at the correct depth extremely easy


As our rivers become coloured, in general, it's good to present your fly just above where fish are lying in the river. So, think about sinking lines with larger, Intruder type flies in the morning but do not be scared to change back to small flies as the day and water warms back up.

World-leading Salmon fishing expert and Hardy Consultant, Ian Gordon is also a member of the Hardy ProTeam. Regarded as one of the world's leading experts with a double handed rod, Ian Gordon has worked in Salmon fishing for nearly 30 years. A World Speycasting Champion, he holds STANIC and AAPGAI instructor's qualifications and through his company runs one of the country's premier fishing/casting schools, also organising and hosting Salmon fishing holidays on various Scottish as well as Norwegian rivers. Ian has also held fly casting schools in Japan, Korea and the US, as well as in almost every European and Scandinavian country. Find out more about Ian Gordon.