Fin & Fly, Spring 2015 | Hardy®

  • Farquhar Atoll by Peter Mcleod The isolated atoll of Farquhar in the Indian Ocean has been a favourite spot of mine for several years now. It still offers wild fishing experiences but from a land based operation. Farquhar will challenge you as a fisherman teach you a huge amount about Giant Trevally behaviour and offer you some unique experiences not to be found anywhere else. Read More
  • Preparing For A New Trout Season by Stuart Minnikin So many people ask me about Salmon fishing in Scotland. When is the best time? The answer to often the proverbial how long is a piece of string? Read More
  • Stevie Munn's Fly of the Issue At last my fishing season has begun! I have endured the long cold winter whose monotony has only been broken by a few angling shows I have worked at. Now once again I am out fishing for wild Brown Trout in my local streams and rivers and the world is good again. Read More