Behind The Scenes With Fin Wilson

Over the coming months Greys will be producing a series of educational ‘how to' videos which will be delivered directly to your inbox and featured on the Greys Facebook and YouTube channel page. Here is a behind the scenes look at what happened on our most recent filming expedition to the Scottish Borders with Greys ProTeam member Finlay Wilson.

We spoke to Fin earlier in the week and asked what fish we should be targeting "The conditions aren't great but we can have a few casts for Salmon and target some Grayling too"... it wasn't a positive reply and the pressure was on to catch fish for the camera!

Pulling up to Fin's cottage on a morning which involved driving for three hours through heavy rain and strong gusts my confidence was low for any filming taking place that day.

A quick coffee and chat about the generally poor season due to lack of water and low and behold... a steady stream of sunlight peeked out behind heavy grey clouds. Gulping down the remaining coffee and throwing waders on preparing cameras microphones and not forgetting Fin's trusty sidekick Harris we were off to fish a stunning stretch of the Tweed in the magical Stobo Valley.

Starting in a known hot spot Fin talked to camera about how to fish the pool the set up he uses and watercraft techniques. A fish would be a bonus on a day like this but with the river running at summer levels it wasn't 'prime' conditions for a Salmon.

I turn my back for one second and the next thing Fin's rod is bent double! A handsome yet coloured 10lb Cock Salmon slips into the net. Pressure is off for the remainder of the day and we continue to fish the magnificent stretch. Sadly there was no more luck and we retired to a beautiful lunch provided by Fins' wife (who coincidentally runs - a catering service for fishing groups).

Salmon in the bag and a quick overnight in Melrose we meet in the hut in the morning for Grayling. The venue is the Lower Pavilion beat run by Scott Povey who has kindly allowed us to fish for Grayling as long as we do not interrupt any of the Salmon anglers.

The mist is thick but the forecast looks good for the rest of the day and it quickly lifts from the water to reveal one of the nicest stretches of river you'll find anywhere in the world. We quickly manage to get the drone up in the air to film the river and anglers from above. The results are jaw dropping - a birds eye view of the Tweed one that only Dippers Swallows and the occasional Heron enjoy.

The filming is tough as the day gets hotter and hotter (20 degrees in mid October?!) but Fin expertly brings several Grayling to the net. Carefully explaining the art of Czech nymphing from rod selection leader set up to fly selection Fin covers every element that a beginner to this technique will need. It's a new technique to me (being an amateur angler with limited ability!) and it helped me catch my very first Grayling. Not a monster by any stretch of the imagination but one which will live long in the memory with great company in beautiful surroundings.

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Dave Mccartney - UK Marketing Manager

Fin Wilson is a member of the Greys ProTeam and runs a first class professional guiding / instruction service for anyone keen to fish for wild Brown Trout Grayling Sea Trout and Salmon in Scotland.

Fin lives next to and manages three miles of private double-bank fishing on the River Tweed. He is a lifelong fishing nut and divides his time between a career in music freelance journalism and catching fish - oh and running after two teenage daughters.