Fly Of The Issue

The Caddis Pupa is one of my favourite Grayling patterns throughout the winter season. It has all the attributes that a Caddis should have from the segmentation the sparkle in the thorax providing the haemoglobin effect and the movement you get in the water from the Partridge and Hares ear which inmates the leggy effect of a caddis. This fly is 100% Grayling candy!

Tie them drab or tie them flashy the important thing is to keep the profile right with a trigger point. The trigger point can be the colour of bead to the colour of the wire rib. I often see myself tying in a pearl flash back along the top or underside of the body to give it that little bit extra.

Fulling Mill czech nymph hook 10-16
Bead to suit: Black / copper / orange / flouro pink
Under body (optional): Lead wire to suit hook shank if extra weight needed
Thread: Brown nano silk 12/0
Body: Olive or tan caddis nymph dubbing or natural Hare's fur
Rib: Black or brown UTC wire in small
Thorax: Spun brown partridge feather with spikey Hare's ear in front and brushed out into the partridge.

Have fun tying and experimenting with this fly folks - it's a belter!

Martin Stewart